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American Point of Sale, LLC

American Point of Sale specializes in POS systems for restaurants throughout Arizona. Our 30 years of experience in point-of-sale hardware and software gives us a major advantage understanding the exact needs of the restaurant industry. We take this experience and strong product knowledge and develop solutions that will increase customer satisfaction, increase productivity and reduce overall operating expenses.

At American Point of Sale, we sell and service a wide variety of POS hardware and software. We have selected high-quality products from manufacturers like SoftTouch, Restaurant Manager, Touch Dynamic, Sterling Payments and Mercury Payments to name a few.

AZ Restaurant POS Software Solutions

The software that we offer at American Point of Sale contains features designed to streamline the operations of your Arizona restaurant. Many of the features can be catered to your specific needs. To get more information about these restaurant POS software products, please click on the links below:

AZ Restaurant POS Terminal Hardware

We offer and service very high-quality POS terminal hardware at American Point of Sale. There are a number of different restaurant POS terminal hardware solutions to choose from. From all-in-one space-saver terminals to wall mounted terminals, the available combinations are sure to suit your business' needs. To learn more about these products, please click on the links provided below.

AZ Restaurant POS Back Office Solutions

Controlling operations at your Arizona restaurant is paramount to achieve success. At American Point of Sale, we offer different solutions which enables you to efficiently control the operations of your restaurant. One example of our product offerings is the Back Office Server. The Back Office Server enables you to control and change prices in real-time, run reports, manage inventory of wines, select promotions for the day or week all while leaving all terminals operational. To get details of this product, please click on the link below.

AZ Restaurant POS Electronic Payment Solutions

 Taking payments for meals served in your Arizona restaurant needs to be accurate and fast. Customers demand quick turnaround of the bill so that they do not have to wait. As a restaurant owner, you demand a payment platform that is safe, reliable and accurate. At American Point of Sale, we offer two electronic payment solutions to choose from. Use the links below to get more information on these products.
American Point of Sale has been providing professional POS solutions to restaurants all over Arizona. We have helped restaurants in cities like Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and Scottsdale to name a few.

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Contact American Point of Sale today to learn how point-of-sale hardware and software can help your grocery store or restaurant increase your customer's experience and streamline operations to reduce operating costs. Call 1-866-889-4936 and one of professional point-of-sale staff members will discuss your exact needs. You can also reach us with any point-of-sale questions that you may have through our contact form provided below.

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